Advent @ Emmaus


Sharing reflections of hope, peace, joy and love during this season of Advent at Emmaus.

Each Sunday of Advent when we light the candles on the Advent wreath at Emmaus, we contemplate hope, peace, joy and love. But we contemplate this trusting that we do so because Christ has given his hope, peace, joy and love to the world. What might it look like for us to both share and watch for Christ’s very hope, peace, joy and love? How and where might God be calling us to share and receive the light of Christ in our midst this Advent? What if our primary Advent aim was truly to ‘prepare the way of the Lord!’ instead of simply ‘prepare the way of the turkey dinner’ or ‘prepare the way of the perfect tree’ or ‘prepare the way of the most expensive present’? My guess is that we’d be surprised about where and when opportunities to share and receive Advent blessings spring forth.

Join us throughout Advent on Sundays at 10:30 am.



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