The Church’s Bedtime Prayers

Night Prayer – or compline – “is based on the ancient office of compline and reflects the simplicity and themes of monastic bedside prayer. Night prayer invokes the presence of God, whose word and love accompany and sustain us through the darkness, enabling us to offer prayer for others as we ‘let go’ into sleep, and at the last, into death.  In Night Prayer, we prepare ourselves spiritually for the night” (From Eucharistic Prayers, Services of the Word, and Night Prayer: Supplementary to the Book of Alternative Services, p.46).

Below is an Order of Compline for Sunday and, below that, is the PDF for you if you would like to join in the singing, prayers, and responses:

An Order for Compline Sunday

One thought on “The Church’s Bedtime Prayers

  1. Bill Pletsch says:

    Thank you for the Compline Sunday service. Lately, I have questioned why I should stay with our church, I can find what seems to be a number of reasons to give up. You given a powerful message as to why I must stay.


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