James Mesich hiking for PWRDF

James Mesich is hiking the Lake Superior Coastal Trail to raise money for PWRDF’s Ride for Refuge Campaign.  Details of his adventure are available below.  Your support of his endeavour would be greatly appreciated!

“Hello everyone! This week my father and I will be hiking the Lake Superior Coastal Trail in Lake Superior Provincial Park to raise money for PWRDF`s Ride for Refuge Campaign. The Hike will be 72 km long with 1.7 km of elevation gain over 9 days. We will start on September 14th and we will finish on the 23rd. As someone who has volunteered with the PWRDF National Youth Council for the past four years I can tell you that they are an amazing organisation who work with partners around the world to facilitate positive change. They work with people on the ground and help them rather than simply coming in and telling people what to do. If you would like to donate check out the link attached and stay tuned for pictures and updates (although cell service will be spotty at best). Thank you everyone for your help.”

James Mesich

And if you want to know more about the organisation check out their page here at

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