Feeding the Hungry at St. Vincent Place

Emmaus Anglican Church provided a meal of hotdogs, salads, & desserts for many hungry Sault Ste Marie residents on June 8, 2022. This is the second meal of 2022 with a couple more still to go. We are now providing about 200 meals – a huge increase from when we first began. We are grateful for the assistance of other area churches: Holy Trinity in the Sault donated hotdogs, Zion Lutheran baked delicious cookies, and the Parish of St. Joseph & St. George provided salads, wieners, and buns to add to our stock pile. In the photos we have: Albert, Dan, Kayla, Betty & Kayla, Nancy, Alison, and Edie. Sorry, for the blurriness of a couple of the photos – it was a combination of people being too busy to stop and me hurrying to take the photo 🙂

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Susan

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