An announcement to the Emmaus community

The following is the message given to the parish on the 2nd Sunday of Easter, 2017 from Rev. Patrick McManus.  Please join in upholding Patrick, Renée and their children in prayer as they prepare to undertake this new ministry.

Dear friends in Christ,

We have some news that we need to share with you. We came to this community almost eight years ago in 2009, called by God to serve you in ministry. Our time together is coming to an end because God has once again called us to serve another community.

In the early winter months of this year, I was contacted by +Jenny Andison, the newly elected Suffragan Bishop of York-Credit Valley in the Diocese of Toronto and was asked to let my name stand for the incumbency of All Saints’ Kingsway. Through a long interview process the parish asked the bishop to appoint me as their new incumbent as of July 10th, 2017. Our last Sunday with all of you will be July 2nd, after which I leave to be the guest speaker at Youth Synod at Camp Manitou.

It is no easy thing to live as a leader in the church know that ministry, no matter how good or faithful or right it is, is ultimately always itinerant. The will of God is not something I take lightly and I have always prayed that if God wants us somewhere, God’s going to have to clearly call and move us and so in my ministry here, I have never once sought out another appointment.

However, over the last number of moths, the leadership of Emmaus has come to realize that the way in which the leadership of the church is currently structured is not sustainable in the long run and that, should we keep going as per usual, our reserves would be quickly depleted. This was something we committed to pray into for the sake of the long-term health of this community seeking where God would lead in this matter.  And I truly believe that this is His answer for us and for Emmaus.

In the many we years we have served here, we have lived into the call of God in big and small ways in this community. It has been a joy to share in Word and sacrament with you in this space and this time. You have been so generous in your love for us. We are truly grateful for each of you.

It is with excitement and trust that I want to express my earnest hope for this community. We have come through both good and challenging times. I am hopeful because of the faithful leadership I will be leaving behind in Rev. Pam and in your wardens and advisory board and in the hands of a wonderful bishop in +Anne. But mostly I am hopeful because God is at work in all of this and has so much more in store for Emmaus. My prayer is that you too believe that and hope in the living God.

Your wardens have already met with Bishop +Anne regarding this so if you have any questions or concerns you can direct then to them in the next days and weeks. Please feel free to speak with me as well.

Thank you for your prayers, your love and care for us. We love you all in Christ Jesus our Lord.



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