Farewell & Hello



This Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 is Rev. Patrick’s last Sunday at Emmaus as he and his family head to their new charge at All Saints Kingsway in Toronto. We wish them well and hold them and All Saints Kingsway in prayer as they get to know one another and begin ministry together.

And as Rev. Patrick leaves, Bishop Anne Germond has announced Rev. Pam’s appointment as full-time incumbent of Emmaus. This appointment will also include oversite of St. John’s, Garden River, and mentorship for their newly appointed Lay Pastor, Susan Montague Koyle.

We give thanks for the leadership that Patrick and Pam have provided together at Emmaus in the months leading up to the formation of this new community and throughout our first year.  We pray for God’s blessing upon Emmaus and upon Rev. Pam and her family, as we continue to faithfully live into ministry together.


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